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G73 keyboard problem type S and SZ will appear and so on with a dozen of keys g73jh

Level 7
Hi, i own a used G73JH for a about a year and suddenly the other day started with this issue:

if i type S (or Z) it will show SZ (or ZS) and so on with b and 5, n and 6, space and caps lock, up arrow and f10, = and enter, and some more...
if i type and hold S i will get SZSSSSSSSSSSSSS... all other pairs experience the same , except for caps lock and the space

i FULLY dismantled the keyboard, and looking thru the membrane circuit i noticed that almost all of the affected keys have a direct connection to the space bar , at one point with just the circuit plugged to the laptop and moving it a little i got the S key to work properly (but not the Z) but then it went bad again and never could fix it temporarly...
also, a few times i turned on the laptop and the first 5 or 6 keystrokes worked fine and then the problem will appear

i know the first and easiest way its to buy a new kb, but im starting to think if this could be some problem in the ribbon connection socket at the laptop and not the keyboard, is there any way to check that? (im in Argentina and i can only get the non-backlight kb so im trying to fix this one and confirm its just a kb problem)

this is my first post :cool:, thanks in advance !

Asus g73JH cpu intel i7 920xm upgraded , bios 211

Level 7
its not OS related, keyboard has the same problem when im in the bios setup

Level 7
apparently the problem is where the flat cable connects, i used some compressed air a couple of times and isprophilic alcohol and it partially solved the problem... now some keys are working fine, caps lock its caps lock and the space bar is space and caps lock...