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G73 Honest Review from an Honest User

Level 7

THANKS RETIRED  for your honest review on the 

G73 Honest Review from an Honest User  !!!  its nice to see that a forum for questions and answers gets CLOSED so conveniently  that would be how you stop a major complaint system in ASUS  because people would see here how many issues with asus and there poor service RETIRED THANK YOU FOR THE UPDATE  you saved me from buying a LEMON disgusted in asus service  sadly have been a huge backer of them but if that how they have treated you with no response and dnt give a shte attitude well time will defiantly tell what happens to asus as they continue to screw there clients over...
G73 Honest Review from an Honest User

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1. Threads get automatically locked after 30 days if no activity. If it's service-related, you're welcome to open another one or request that it be reopened? Can't see any other threads you've posted.

2. It's not clear at all what you're posting about. I had a search and the G73 is a 14-year-old laptop? Is that what you require help with?

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