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G73 Freezing/Crashing Issue - WORKAROUND FOUND

Level 8
All (NOTE APPLIES TO JW/JH version of G73),

If you are experiencing freezing, crashing, usb stops working, BSOD, mouse doesn't work when resuming from screen saver, screen saver freezes, etc, particularly when your laptop has been left at idle for some time, there is a potential workaround for this problem:

The issue is with the intel C-state technology which basically, as I understand, reduces power consumption of the cpu when it is idle. The problem is either with the technology itself, or some Asus related issue on how they utilize this technology on their motherboards (I should say some of the motherboards, since not every G73 owner has this problem).


1. Download and install Throttlestop. Personally, I use version 3.0, it works for me. I had these issues for a year, every day the laptop freezing or crashing. Now with Throttlestop, I am stable going on 3 weeks. I RMAed my laptop TWICE; Asus service was excellent about the RMA, I got a lot of new components, but they could not fix the issue. Interesting I should get TWO motherboards with the same issue. I suspect this issue is more widespread than you could otherwise google. My research shows, though, Asus is not the only mfger affected, others are as well.

2. These are my settings I use for TS:

1. Near the top, there are 4 radio buttons, labelled 1, 2, 3 and 4. I have selected 1, which should be the Performance mode.

2. There is a row of "buttons" near the lower right of the screen, on TS version 3.0, these buttons will be labelled: TRL, TPL, BCLK, C"x"(where x will be a number, either 1, 3, 6 or 7), DTS, CLR. These buttons (except CLR) can be toggled to different settings, so if the buttons are labelled differently than I have described, I suggest you toggle until they read what mine read.

THE EXCEPTION is the C"x" button: This needs to read C1. THIS IS VERY important. When this button reads C1, this means the other C-states are disabled.

3. There are a bunch of checkboxes on the left hand side. I have all of these boxes UNCHECKED except the EIST box, which IS checked.

The clock modulation and chipset clock mod boxes are unchecked as well.

The Set Multiplier box I have checked, and in the drop box to the right, I have selected Turbo.

4. Click Save when done.

3. I also set a task to start TS each time the computer starts. You cannot use the startup folder. When setting the task, check "Run with highest privileges".

For support, try unclewebb at the notebook review forums. You cannot PM unclewebb any longer at Asus ROG, since his PM account has been disabled here.

If anyone wants to reach me in the event my PM does not work, email me at

Hope this helps.



Might want to specify which G73 you are talking about as some are old i7 and some are SB.
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Thanks, xeromist, the Workaround applies to JW and JH versions only, at least that is my experience and the experience of others I know experiencing the issues I described.

I cannot speak to laptops based on SB i7-2xxx cpus.

Level 14
+1 Good Job, @nuke! ThrottleStop is a lot less daunting when you supply the settings for the workaround...
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Level 8
Thanks. Hope this helps even one person.

Any chance the mods will sticky this?

I am aware now of 5 people (including me) using this "Workaround" successfully.

My research shows this problem has more people suffering this issue than that!!

Level 7
Hi, my "Cx" state is "C7" and I cannot see how to change it to "C1". Where is that option?

ASUS G74SX-TZ277D with 4x4GB Kingston

For me its been 3 weeks since I applied this workaround. No freeze yet.
Thank you!

Level 10
yep, thanks to dstrakele, who showed me this thread, I use this workaround w/ task scheduler on my gf's G73JH at startup, its been almost a month and no BSOD.
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I've been tearing my bloody hair out for a year with this frigging laptop, and was almost on the point of blowing some cash on a new motherboard (for various reasons I couldn't RMA it).

You have saved me not only a wad of cash but shedloads of frustration.

Your workaround works like a charm.

Thank you very, very much Nuke!

Level 8
nuke235 or anyone able to help,

My G73JH crashes and bsod's at the strangest times, even after a reasonably clean Windows install. I came across this thread that mentions that I should change the C-State to "C1" to fix my issues, but I have a few questions before I proceed. Why wouldn't "C0" be better, if "C1" works? Wouldn't "C0" turn the C-State "Off" so that the cpu won't reduce power at all or even less than "C1" when idle? Or no?

The fix also doesn't mention C-State Demotion. I didn't change the TS 5.00 Demotion settings, so C3 Auto Demotion is checked and C1 Auto Demotion is not checked. What do these Demotion settings do and should I leave them set the way I have them, to try to fix my idle bsod issues? Thank You.