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G703VI temps and CPU stability?

Level 7
Hi all!
Can an owner of this GTX 1080+7820hk Chimera laptop please share his/her experience?

If I use the laptop with the factory 4.3 GHz , will I have overheating issues?
Also, if the CPU is over clocked to 4.3 GHz, is the core clock stable or there are some occasional dips?

Could someone please run a FireStrike benchmark and share the chart after the run which shows CPU/GPU temps and CPU core clock values which occurred during the test? Would be nice to see max temps and to see if the CPU was running at a 4.3 GHz stable speed during the test or there were some dips under the user set value.

Thank you!

Level 7
No one here owns a Chimera and Fire Strike? 😞

Tindreal wrote:
No one here owns a Chimera and Fire Strike? 😞

I do, only had it a few days and have to redownload my benchmark stuff.
mine is a little modified though. I bought it from an authorized asus builder, or so they claim with 2 512gb 960 pro nvme in raid 0, and then i pulled the 1tb and threw in my firecuda 2tb in the sata bay and a 512gb 950 evo from my old laptop in the extra m.2 slot (there is 3 m.2 slots and a full sata slot). Also they did the thermal pads and better compound in the build.
I can tell you its fairly quiet and maxes to ultra everything ive tried but so far thats been Forza 3, Forza 6ms, Tera, Diablo 3, gears of war 4.
the gears of war benchmark tool showed 190fps in game and I was on standard OC settings on battery just playing around with it.
havent had time to download much more yet... ive got TBs ti fill haha.
either way, I’m really happy with it except it came shipped with a partial win 10 pro install and on first boot went to the trouble screen saying “did your computer restart due to a problem?” So I had to get the raid driver and do a fresh install. Didnt trust it. Its been great ever since. No hiccups at all and the xbox controller is great too.

give me a few days and I’ll get something posted on Fire Strike.

OK,sorry it took a couple days. Real life gets in the way haha.
My G703vi as I received it with the mods in my thread above.
I turned off Gsync. Other than that its on the default extreme setting and I haven't started playing in manual mode yet:
The advisory is my graphics driver isn't approved... haven't loaded anything other than Windows updates so will look into that as I start tweaking things.
Firestrike: 16867 -combined: 8173
see screenshot below for details.
(I'm sure this is going to go way up once I start adjusting.


And one more bench after I dumped Geforce Experience, clean driver install, and disabled One Drive in Group Policy. A little better- no tweaks yet.
Extreme default settings:


Oh and I just realized I was cutting the captures off.
Here is one with the Temps.
GPU got up to 74.99 C and CPU was bouncing around 63 C until the physics test then it hit 90 C.

And here is the clock values:


Level 7
Who did you order your unit from? Also, what thermal compound was installed on the CPU? 90 degrees with custom TIM is a little worrying.

Id rather not say just yet until i get into it and see if it was something I did causing it to run a littlee hot.
Keep in mind that is on extreem setting OC to 4.399Ghz from 3.90 single core. and it only got that hot when on the physics tests. On gpu test it was running same freqs or similar and stayed in the 60s.

i tried it again on firestrike at standard settings for a 7820HQ of 2.3-3.9 and it ran about 76 on physics and low 60s on cpu.
So more testing to get to.
I said it was as came with mods but some stuff they put in put me off. I reasly think it will do better.