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G703GXR Linux Fan Control

Level 7
I am having issues with the fan speed (too slow) in linux (ubuntu) kernels 5.6+. Ever since that kernel fans will not go past 3500rpm. These are not hwe fans so I havent seen anything to control them. Since the bios is extremely limited in this laptop in order to get my fan speed back I have to go back into Windows make sure its set to turbo speed in Armoury Crate then go back to kernel 5.5 or below. This is fine for now since 20.04 is the current LTS version but it would be nice not to have my laptop throttle when gaming or compiling (if the fan speed can stay at 5000+ rpm vcore stays around 1.15v if im using a more modern kernel vcore goes down to 1.0v or under which is a significant loss of frequency (and time)). Has anyone had this issue or better yet a solution to this issue?