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G703GXR HDMI Port Does not Work

Level 7
I am adding a thread to this post because I cannot, for some reason, start a new thread. The HDMI port on the G703GXR does not work. The connected second monitor will look for a signal every 30 seconds and the screen (on the second monitor) will go black for a few seconds. Following this, the second monitor will tell me to 'check the HDMI cable'. The HDMI cable that I am using works fine when plugged into other devices (using the second monitor). What am I missing for the HDMI to properly work on the G703GXR? I press 'Function' and F9 and then tell it to extend display. Nothing happens. I have rebooted with the monitor already plugged in, checked GPU updates and done a clean install. Nothing works. nVidia settings sees the second monitor with no issue. Windows 'does not detect a second monitor' in display settings, yet it DOES see the second monitor in Device Manager. The monitor does not have any drivers for the version of Windows 10 Pro that I am using. This is also the second monitor I have plugged into this laptop that does not work.