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G703GX Power Supply Question and issue

Level 7
My G703GX is behaving strangely regarding it's power supply units.
I'm going to refer to the two power supply units as 'A' and 'B' for clarity. I've done everything I can to ensure they are both plugged in fully from outlet to laptop.
In all cases, I have the Armory Crate setting on 'Turbo', without additional manual changes.

1) When I have have both power units (A and B) plugged in, the laptop (based on Armory Crate) behaves as if I am in standard "Balanced" mode, with minimal fan activity, and only shows 600-700mV for CPU and GPU. The laptop performance indicates this is accurate, as performance is good but not great with complex graphics and games. It doesn't appear to matter which power port PSU A or B are plugged into (switching the PSUs results in the same performance)

2) When I have only Power Supply unit A plugged in, the laptop acts as if it has full power, with the Armory Crate showing 1300mV+ voltage depending on what the laptop is doing. Performance for graphics and games is what I expect from turbo settings, and the Fans blow at full speed when I'm running complex games. It doesn't appear to matter which power port the PSU A is plugged into, same behavior.

3) When I have only power supply unit B plugged in, the laptop indicates I am on battery only and auto-selects 'Silent' (I have previously selected silent when unplugged). Performance is what I expect while in silent mode (no fan activity, performance is less). It doesn't appear to matter which power port the PSU B is plugged into, same behavior.
As a test, when the PSU A is plugged in, if I select Turbo/balanced/silent mode, the laptop appears to perform as expected at each setting.

I suspect I have a bad power supply unit (PSU B), but I don't understand how the laptop is drawing full power from one PSU but only draws half power from 2 PSUs. Does the G703 only require one PSU to draw full power and perform at turbo settings? If so, what's the point of 2 PSUs? Is this the behavior I should expect from one bad PSU, and/or running with one working PSU plugged in, or does am I risking my laptop running turbo setting with one PSU?

I apologize if this is a duplicate thread, I could not find a similar problem in search, but I may be missing the right keyword.
Thanks in advance.

Level 7
I have ROg G703-GXR

I connect charger A to either charging port then laptop runs as it should.

I connect charger B to either of the charging ports then the laptop is charging but the cpu gets undervolted to ~600mV.

If i connect both chargers to either port then the issue is the same, CPU gets undervolted to ~600mV and even browsing simple websites become a pain.

I have checked both chargers with a multimeter and both output the same voltage and current steadily without any drops. But i am unable to fathom why charger B does not give the necessary performance. This begs the question whether there is an issue with the charger. But if there is any issue with the charger then the system should not be able to charge at all when connected to charger B.

I dont need to connect both chargers in most usecases but some graphics intensive games do require additional juice to run and it's unbearable when such a high end Gaming-Oriented laptop does such nonsense.

ASUS team - Please come with a fix for this issue.