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G703GX - Power and battery question/issue. *THANKS*

Level 7
Hello, After 2 years this great machine has now stopped charging or powering on after sitting in storage for 8 months. Was working perfectly before putting it away.

Took it to Asus authorized service center and they didn't even open it but told me its the motherboard.....
I trusted the advice and found the same (expensive) motherboard off ebay. Swapped it in and still same issue.
No charging light, will not power on.

I have tried the 40 second power button reset to no avail.
I have used a multi-meter to test both adapters and they both show correct voltage.. not sure about Amps though.

This unit has 2 power adapters. Neither will charge the laptop whether its one of them plugged in or both.

I have also tried removing the battery (which is internal) and just having mains plugged in to no avail.
I suspect that it is the battery but I would like to know if this laptop requires a battery present for it to function or not, if so, its a strong reason to believe that is in fact the battery.

Has anyone run into this issue?
Thanks for any help.