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G703GI failing to upgrade to Windows 11

Level 7

I've seen various posts about upgrades to windows 11 but they don't appear to be related to this specific model I'm having issues with.

Unfortunately my laptop is stuck in a never ending windows 11 upgrade loop. Every time it fails, windows 10 will download windows 11 again and try it again and again - but it always fails - i don't remember the exact code - but i looked it up before and it is the driver issue.

Unfortunately the last time it failed it removed the 'update history' that would usually spit out the 'failed' and reason why it failed.

I do not know what could be causing this and hoping Asus has more information about this.

I've uninstalled my anti-virus hoping that was the cause.
I have no extra hardware except for my razer webcam - but the windows 11 failure was happening before I purchased that.
I'm also using a steelseries headset. I could try that, but i feel like this is probably something else related to the laptop itself.

I do not want to wipe my laptop.
I'd like to cancel the windows 11 update if i could, but it keeps downloading.

Any other thoughts?

You could try this registry hack from Howtogeek. Not sure if it will work on an aborted install though.
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Have you tried booting into safe mode and trying to disable Windows Update from there? Use the system configuration tool to do it. Just press Windows Key + R, then type msconfig into the box and select OK. Click on the Boot tab, then click on Safe boot, then click on OK.

It is possible for you to reset Windows without loosing anything in the processor. Simply press Windows Key + I, then click on Update & Security, then click on Recovery. Click on Get started under Reset this PC. Then choose the option: Keep my files.