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G701VI Keyboard disabled after booting from a recovery USB

Level 7
I recently wanted to test multiple backup software items in case of an emergency. I have used Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office, iDrive, and the built in backup in Windows 10 Pro. In each case to do a full system restore I need to boot from a recovery USB. Each and every time after doing so (even if I did not do the restore and just boot off the USB and cancel) my built-in keyboard dies. I tried removing drivers, uninstalling and re-installing the ATK Hotkeys driver and even the ROG gaming center. Nothing seems to work through software to get the keyboard to work.

The ONLY way to get it back is to open the case, disconnect the CMOS battery, Laptop battery and keyboard ribbon cable, then plug them back in. Then after booting the laptop the keyboard magically begins to work again. This is ridiculous. Does anyone else have a solution to this that does not require opening the case?