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G60VX Wireless Not Working

Level 7
Much appreciation if anyone can provide some help on my issue.

I have an Asus G60VX bought a few years back and recently my hard drive has stopped working. I replaced the hard drive with a Seagate Momentus 7mm 2.5 inch 500gb 32mb 7200 rpm HDD (basically thinner and a bit more storage since I can't even find the old model anymore).

I installed the Win7 64 bit recovery disk and the Asus driver disk that came with my original purchase from Tiger Direct. Upon first booting it mentioned something about drivers not installed due to lack of signature, and I went with the recommendation of reinstalling them. Upon the 2nd reboot, I realized that the wireless is not working.

Upon trying to set up a connection, I get "Windows did not detect any networking hardware." When I try to troubleshoot, I get the following:

"A problem is preventing the troubleshooter from starting"

Package ID: Unknown
Path: C:\Windows\diagnostics\system\networking
Error code: 0x8E5E0247
Source: Engine
User: Zi-PC/Zi
Context: Restricted

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Level 9
Remove power cord
Remove your battery
Remove the bottom panel on your laptop
Unplug the antenna cables from your wireless card, make a note of which cable is plugged in and where.
Remove the wireless card, make a note of any specifics available. (Intel, Realtek, Atheros)
With bottom, battery and power cable still removed hold down your power button for 30 seconds.
Reinstall wireless card, antenna cables, bottom, and battery.

Get a flash drive and go to a pc with a good internet connection.

Go here

Select windows 7 64 bit

Download the driver for lan, also download the driver that matches your wifi card. If there are 2 download them both.

Go back to your G60, plug in your flash drive and transfer the files to your desktop.

Install the lan driver first, then install the wireless. Be sure the wifi switch is enabled.

These may require a reboot, but once you reboot you should see both of your devices in the device manager.

Once you have a good internet connection you can install automatically.

To update automatically click the windows icon on the bottom left side. Select “devices and printers”. Under devices your will see your laptop, right click and select “troubleshoot” near the bottom. Windows will scan your computer and ask you if you would like to install a driver for the device. Click “apply this fix”.

You may have to change the setting to automatically download and install the latest drivers. You will have this option if the device fails to install. Click “view and change settings” then select “always install the best driver from Windows Update”. Rerun the “troubleshoot” function and the latest driver should install.

If you don't have sp1 yet go download it and install.

Select "windows6.1-KB976932-X64.exe"

If you have any problems come back here and let me know.

Good luck