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G60j briked bios with G60jx helpppp

Level 7
hi there,

new to the forum but been reading a couple of threads

i wrongly flashed my G60j with the G60jx file

result was
- light on the keyboard always on
- i do have acess to hdd, dvd and pen
- no image
- no sounds no beeps

i have tried
- ctrl + home and all other combinations alt + f2 etc with usb pen with difrent file names g60j.bin g60jas.bin amiboot.bin amiboot.rom etc
- i have pressed the power botton for 40s
- i have done this with hdd and dvd and without hdd and dvd
- i also made a bootable pen drive with autoexec modified to run aflash

nothing seem to work the usb pen blinks a few times and stays always on

any more ideia i can try before i kill myself?