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[G571JY] Upgrading Samsung XP941 PCIe M.2 256GB (and imaging)

Level 7
Hello folks, (first post here, thanks for such a useful and informative forum)

I would like some further information on the nature, connection type (bus) and potential for upgrading my
ASUS ROG G571JY internal SSD drive which is listed as a
Samsung XP941 PCIe M.2 256GB.

I've got a few questions to help get to the bottom of this sorry and... thanks.

1) How is the drive connected is it native PCIe or via a Sata Adapter? Is there a physical PCie SSD port in the laptop?

Is it possible through a modded bios update to improve the drives speed? (the drive reports it is currently running at under 6G/b s).
If so what improvement could I expect to see?

2) Could anyone with experience suggest a new replacement 1TB drive that would be compatible with the G751JY, maybe sticking with a more modern Samsung option and also some other possibilities if they are reasonably priced and of quality?
If so what improvement could I expect to see? (I'm currently seeing appx. Read 1200, Write 833, Mixed 489)

Is it possible to find a Thunderbolt external SSD adapter case that anyone knows of (this is proving hard to find) and if not could you recommend a USB 3 external caddy that would accept PCIe M.2?
Is this a viable solution for imaging the current boot drive?

3) Could you help with some information on a Win 10 native or free software application for drive imaging my old SSD before swapping over to an upgraded replacement?

With many many thanks,


Level 9
Hello John,
May you double check your model name or PM me the SN?
Thank you.