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[G571JY] Upgrading Samsung XP941 PCIe M.2 256GB (and imaging)

Level 7
Hello folks, (first post here, thanks for such a useful and informative forum)

I would like some further information on the nature, connection type (bus) and potential for upgrading my
ASUS ROG G571JY internal SSD drive which is listed as a
Samsung XP941 PCIe M.2 256GB.

I've got a few questions to help get to the bottom of this sorry and... thanks.

1) How is the drive connected is it native PCIe or via a Sata Adapter? Is there a physical PCie SSD port in the laptop?

Is it possible through a modded bios update to improve the drives speed? (the drive reports it is currently running at under 6G/b s).
If so what improvement could I expect to see?

2) Could anyone with experience suggest a new replacement 1TB drive that would be compatible with the G751JY, maybe sticking with a more modern Samsung option and also some other possibilities if they are reasonably priced and of quality?
If so what improvement could I expect to see? (I'm currently seeing appx. Read 1200, Write 833, Mixed 489)

Is it possible to find a Thunderbolt external SSD adapter case that anyone knows of (this is proving hard to find) and if not could you recommend a USB 3 external caddy that would accept PCIe M.2?
Is this a viable solution for imaging the current boot drive?

3) Could you help with some information on a Win 10 native or free software application for drive imaging my old SSD before swapping over to an upgraded replacement?

With many many thanks,


Level 10
Hello John,
May you double check your model name or PM me the SN?
Thank you.