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G56jk massive fps drop from 60 to 5 , graphic update related

Level 7
hey every1 , first time posting here so ...
my problem is with updating my driver , i got gta v today and launched it on the online mod but there was black lines all over my characters body and face .
so naturally i googled it and every1 said to update my driver to the latest one and it work
but the problem is i get massive fps drop after 1 minute in every game i own , dragon age inquisition , elder scrolls online , the secret world etc etc ...
the only driver for me without any problems so far is 344 but i can't play gta without being able to see my character and enjoy it 😞
thanks in advance and sorry for my poor english :X

Vamptacos wrote:
so ... apparently no1 in geforce and rog forums and asus support knows how to solve this problem ! 😄
i've tried reinstalling my windows 😞 the only drivers i installed first was intel hd graphics and geforce and still nothing ...!! clean install didn't work , changing settings in nvidia panel was pointless ..
updating bios still nothing .. i've done everything i could have found on the internet !! and nothing changed .. , no virus no malware

Vamptacos, read my post posted at exactly the same time you posted this ^^ 🙂

It's likely a driver issue with that laptop... it needs to be fixed by Nvidia, so ask Asus to jump on Nvidia to get it fixed.

Level 7
Hey Vamptacos, I have encountered this problem before recently, when I updated my Nvidia Driver. I thought I was thermal throttling and did some trouble shooting, and found out that my temps are of the 50 degrees range. I decided to fall back to my last known stable driver: 337.88. And guess what? The FPS dips were gone! Even with my temperatures hovering around the 60 degree mark. I hope this will help you! 😄