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G55VW VS The Lenovo Y580

Level 11
Ok first thing first. I don't care how much you think your system is the best. I have both of these systems in front of me and been using them. This is my $0.02 on them and how they stack up.

Specs on the G55VW

i7 3630qm
8gb of ram
1tb 5,300rpm drive
1920X1080 mat. display
802.11 a.c

Specs on the Y580

i7 3630qm
6gb of ram
750gb 5,300rpm
1366x768 glossy display
Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2200BGN


First in the CPU department they are matched up. However the G55 does do a better job at cooling its CPU. Mainly because the heatsink on the Y580 is getting all the heat from the GPU into the CPU's heatsink. Never ran into any problems when I was testing it but it did run hotter.


Why the G55 comes with 8gb the Y580 only ships with 6gb. The G55 is also expandable to 32gigs why the Y580 is limited to 16gb. Upgrades on the G55 are cheap due to the 4 dimms and more expensive on the Y580 due to the limit of only 2 dimms.


Ok on the GPU front we are matched...Or Are we? Nope we are not the Y500 starts to show its got some fight in it with a HD4000 to go along with the GTX 660m. Nvidia Op. Handles the GPU switching that keeps heat down when you don't need to the power and also extends the battery life to something the G55 an only dream of. in my testing the Y580's GTX 660m was only loading at 65c at over 1.2ghz on the core. So why the Y580 lost on the CPU cooling it punches the G55 in the face when it comes to GPU cooling.


No winners here. Why the G55 is packing a 1080 display it sucks...Like all the G series displays since Asus decided that IPS displays are only fit for ultrabooks and tablets. I can't pick a winner I hate them both. One is lower res the other is a granny higher res with lines.


Y580 wins by a long shot. Why h G55 is packing a AC card it just can't get the range of the 2200 in the Y580. If you use AC then the G55 might be better for you. But on my N network the Y580 was the clear winner.


The Lenovo has some nice JBL speakers that sound much better.


The G55 does feel a little better. Its still think and heavy. The Y580 is much thinner and is lighter. The Y580 has a better touch pad and feels a bit more high end with th Alu. but the G55 just feels a little bit stronger. Like a kid toy.


Slow 1tb for the G55 and a slow 750gig for the Y580.


Well the G55's is ok. Mushy but ok but the backlight sucks bad. The Y589's is slightly better in terms of backlight but typing on the Y580 wow. Very nice Y580 is the clear winner hear. Better KB by far and touch pad.

Overall they are matched pretty even and each has trade off's. Want one useless crappy display or one that's just lower res? Want more ram or a better kb and touch bad? Want AC wifi or do you want better battery life?

So what one would I pick? The Y580. The GPU runs cooler and I was able to get it clocked higher with some lower temps then I could on the G55. The Intel 2200 wifi card is very nice and so is h size and weight. Not to mention the KB and touch pad fo those days you need to use it ike a laptop and having the HD4000 will come in handy for those days. The system has its faults but Lenovo put money into the system where they all should have it. Good wifi card, All copper heatsink unlike the G55's solid KB and touch pad. Wish it had a 1080 display but the gams I was playing looked pretty nice even at the lower res and the lower res gives you a bit more power. Also keep in mind lenovo is more of a business laptop so this gaming laptop does carry those roots over to it. Also this Lenovo brings more gpu power out of the box due to a factory O.C. that puts the GTX660m to 1ghz stock. Kind of makes you wonder why wont Asus overclock their "ROG" laptops stock if Lenovo is pushing their GTX660m to 1ghz? There is no clear winner here but i do prefer the Y580 for the reasons i ponted out and it was a pretty clear choice. Now is these systems were the same in a 17inch from then it would be a bit diff. but they are still 15inch systems and they need to still remain portable and still have solid features that all notebooks over $400 sould have.

What would of made me pick the G55? Well first off it would need a 1/2 way deacent display. Get rid of the crap it has in it now. Then they need to improve the GPU's cooling. Make the backlight on the kb brighter...And make it better overall for typing. Improve the touchpad surface. Start to use th HD4000 since it is still a 15inch system not a desktop replacent so it needs to have some battery life. And for the love of god better qualty speakers.

And also for both we need to kill off the VGA port. Its dead it been dead for years why is it still on the computers? We need to put usefull port in its place. Somthing like another USB port. ESATA port. Thunderbolt port heres a good one lets take a page from Alienware and add a HDMI in port to use it as a display for stuff like android stick computers, Game systems etc. Or maybe just a 1amp power only USB port to charge tablets or cell phones. Sum it up they need to listen to people. Somthing they do not do. Asus is pretty good at not doing this but same goes for everyone else but Dell. Sadly they are the only ones really pushing to add things and take the system into the future. Why cant they all just kill off the VGA that no one uses and give us a HDMI in port. My Alienware has one why cant my G75VX or any other system for that matter.