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G55vw not booting

Level 7
So I had my computer on (Asus g55vw running win 10) and I got the unexpected_store_exception error with the sad face and my computer restarted. It got past the Asus boot logo and then went into bios, so I exited bios and it just went right back in. I tried putting in my windows recovery disk and it just spun then went back to the bios. The bios said the windows boot drive was unknown. I assumed this was a failed hard drive and ordered a replacement. I went to turn my computer on again to look at the hard drive model and it went to start up made a couple noises with a black screen for a minute then restarted. It then stayed in this restart loop until I disconnected the battery. Now it will just sit at a black screen making no noises. I have tried doing a cmos reset by holding the power down for 2 min but that seemed to do nothing as I still have a black screen. I also tried plugging in another monitor to see if my screen died but nothing shows up. Does anyone have any clue what has happened to my laptop?

Update: so I took the laptop to be diagnosed and they said the motherboard is dead, has anyone replaced one before/bought one before or is it not worth it?

Level 7
Bump. (Problem updated)

Replacing the motherboard is not that hard if you know how to disassemble a laptop.

But my main concern would be that a dying motherboard have a bad habit of killing other hardware as well. So you may be looking at a dead CPU, GPU or RAM.

If you can find a replacement motherboard for a decent price I would try. Because the laptop is still a powerhouse for everything but the most demanding 3D gaming.
Asus ROG G55VW:
CPU: i7 3630QM
GFX: Geforce GTX660M with 2GB ram
RAM: 2x8Gb 2133MHz Kingston HyperX Impact (surprisingly the G55VW uses the 2133 X.M.P. profile)
Storage: RAID0 with 2x 256Gb Crucial SSDs (both msata, one in a sata adapter)
OS: Windows 10 x64

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Hi, I had this exact thing happen to my G55VW when I reset Windows 10 to do a clean install.

I asked around, and someone said that they fixed it by removing the CMOS battery from the motherboard and putting it in again.

I was covered by the warranty, so I didn't want to risk messing it up. ASUS replaced the motherboard, but seems it wasn't really necessary.

I really hope it works, and if it does, please post. Then I might dare to update from Windows 7 to 10 again.