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G55VW Cut me

Level 9

So was picking up my G55 to move to my bedroom and the lid cut my finger. It's not that deep but it's very annoying that this has happened. I have to watch out whenever I pick it up not to get cut, that edge is razor sharp!! I don't know what caused it to bend up like that, it happened out of itself. I tried pushing it down but that wont work.

Do you think I should send to Asus for repair? If so how would I go about doing that? I live in Spain and I don't think there are any local service centers here.

Level 12
If you carry the laptop in a back-pack, then over time the fabric may have caught on the badge and pulled it up.

Because of the rubber coating on our machines, not much will adhere to the outside. You could probably get away with pulling up the damaged part of the badge, straighten the bent metal with pliers or something, and then glue it all back down with a dielectric adhesive (probably overkill, but I use it for everything that shouldn't conduct). It depends on how much you would spend otherwise having it repaired, and how much it will bother you to have a faint seam in the badge later.

Level 9
sorry to cut you, if you want to call service center in spain, you can visit our support site Hotline or Service Center, i saw your photo, it is ASUS logo sticker peel off, you can paste back by youself.