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G55vw cpu temp problem

Level 7
Hello. I got my first Asus ROG yesterday and after installing some games and updated some drivers i started playing. and while i was playing i was checking out the temp on the GPU and CPU. with games like cs:go and SWTOR the GPU is 65celsius which seems amazing. but the CPU hitted around 87-88c.

I thought to myself that it seems to high with this sort of cooling system. but im not sure. I stress-tested it with prime95 and the CPU got to 89-90c. and if i want this problem fixed, who do i contact?

Edit: Winter time over here in Sweden so i prbly have around 20-22c in the apartment. how will this get affected in the summer when it can hit 25-27c in the apartment?

Level 9
i think you clean your cooling system first, you worry, you can sarch ROG forum, somebody talk about in here, if always high, i suggest you send back to check.