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G55VW Blackscreen

Level 7
Been using the lappy without any problem till yesterday. I changed the boot order of my ssd & hdd then after restart...the screen just go blank. After power on, keyboard backlight turn on for while then nothing...just black screen.

1. Tested with no hdd/ssd
2. Tested with each ram
3. Tested with external monitor
4. Tested with a new cmos battery
5. Tested ctrl+home combo with a fat32 pendrive with bios.bin innit.

is there other way to fix this without sending RMA? not sure i still can get warranty after teared up the lappy so many times. still i dont understand how simply changing boot order...bricked my lappy.

please help T_T

Level 7
anybody? T_T

US Customer Loyalty Agent
Sorry for the delay.

I thought I saw another post related to this for the G55VW which I wanted to suggest, but I can't seem to find it right now and or remember all the exact details (maybe I'm thinking of a different model?).

Anyway, not sure if this will help, but some G53 customers reported before that a malfunctioning lid switch was causing problems, so when your unit is working, thought you may want to use a magnet to try to find the location and maybe find a way to permanently disable the lid switch if necessary.

You may not be running into this problem, but if you want to look into this magnet/lid switch issue more, check this thread:

Also, this may not be worth checking into, but below is another thread about the G55VW not posting and getting it to work by closing the lid after powering on in post #6:!)&highlight=magnet

Well, hope this is able to help, or others can suggest better solutions.

Level 7
I'll try checking those magnet/lid. Hope can get better solution. Almost give up T_T.

Level 7
Bump...still looking for solution~

Same problem here :S, i just started up my pc as usual and then-- surprise :(. At first my keyboard was still lit on start up. now neither the keyboard nor the screen do anything.

US Customer Loyalty Agent
Try to tap 'F2' to get into the bios if you are running Win7 and connect an external monitor too if you haven't already.

Although there could be other things causing the problem, it's usually not too difficult to check or remove extra memory which can also cause black screen issues as mentioned by BANDAID below during an SSD upgrade, but bad memory or a bad memory slot could cause the same issues too.

BANDAID wrote:
i had black screen after trying to clone ssd from a hdd.
I suffered a power loss during process.
I tried to install the possibly cloned screen !!
..tried to reinstall old previously good hdd screen !!!!!!!!....
i went round and round in panic ....just in case i was missing something
..... then I decided to take out the extra ram Id just fitted before doing the ssd upgrade
... and hey presto the hdd booted back to life 😉 ...... thing is id ordered the exact ram that Hwinfo64 identified
HYNIX HMT35156CFR8C-PB X2 BANKS OF 4GB but they sent HYNIX HMT451*********** as a compatible upgrade

refitted the new screen.....took it out ...... all good .....
point is when you open up the top 2 decks of ram are easy to knock... just saying ....You could check that your ram is in good and its good ram !!!

Level 7
I've read every post about bricked g75s. I can't RMA it, i have no money for it and my warranty expired 1 month ago, I'm so sad right now :(, I've disassembled the laptop, taken off the main msata ssd and formated my 2º hhd, then i added the bios file to the hhd and tried to boot with ctrl home power, still didn't work, i've also tried to make ctrl home work with 2 different thumb drives and different bios.

The only difference i see when trying to boot with ctrl+home power is that my keyboard doesn't light up, but if i keep pressing the power button my laptop just turns off, if i lift my fingers, the pc restarts and tries to boot normally, also, if i try to boot pressing only the power button, my pc also turns off after ~30secs.

I can't imagine how changing boot order can cause this :S.