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G551JM Asus ROG AudioWizard and MaxXAudio

Level 7

II have installed Version V6.0.1.7393 Realtek Audio Driver for G551JM from driver website and i cannot seem to find that cool looking and helpful wizard for ROG Audio;

in the broschure etc... website there is saying in the features:

"The G Series features audio enhancements that enhance your gaming experience. SonicMaster Premium provides quality sound; while ROG Audio Wizard has several preset modes for movies, games, or music. Also included is MaxxAudio – a professional-grade audio processing tool."


"ROG Audio Wizard features five pre-set modes that are specifically tuned to suit different gaming genres."

Please post a solution.

Kind regards!

Level 7
It's an Icon of a little brown speaker. I didn't actually find a way to load this with the stock OS but once I put in a new hard drive and fresh Windows install It was on my desktop. Maybe have to re install the programme?

While we're on the subject of audio, what it the ICE Power by Bang and Olufsen this is meant to come with? I can find nothing in my syste mentioning either....