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G55 keyboard typing alone problem

Level 7
Hello , I buy a G55vw a couple of week ago and have an issue with my keyboard : If i clic on space to write it will start to type 9 alone and at infinite like 99999999999999999... , it stop if I press a key , and re begin when I press E , G, H ,8 , it seem to come from the number pad since if i press numlock , the keyboard press the up and right key (9) too but i'm not sure , this is really embarasing , it's my only pc and it's horrible to type , I want to return it but It take out the 9 key to see if something was in but nothing and by mistake I broke a little part of the metal structur of the key so i can reput the plastic part and the number , i'm scared that the SAV refuse it or didn't fix it :s . I already look for virus etc , and trying driver install reinstall Thanks for reading !

Level 14
There's a lesson to be learned here. Unless it is user serviceable hardware (like reseating a memory stick or HDD or NOTHING if you feel uncomfortable doing it), it's always best to return a problem NEW laptop to the retailer to take advantage of their exchange/return policy if software resolutions such as driver updates or Factory Restores fail to resolve the problem.

Unfortunately, it sounds like your keyboard is defective and must be replaced. You can talk to the retailer and see what they say or pay a local shop to replace your keyboard. The decision is up to you.
G74SX-A1 - stock hardware - BIOS 202 - 2nd Monitor VISIO VF551XVT

Hello thanks for your answer , Yay i learned from my mistake now xD I already send a ticket to the support but maybe it is better to go where I buy it , and if someone know the price of a replacement keyboard ? I'm scared to broke my warranty if I go to a local shop , or maybe I already broke it ? 😞

Level 14
Give Mason@ASUS a PM on this forum and ask for his opinion. He's a good guy to give you a straight answer on a local shop repair vs. an ASUS authorized repair center as well as the status of your Warranty in your particular situation.
G74SX-A1 - stock hardware - BIOS 202 - 2nd Monitor VISIO VF551XVT

Okay , thanks you for your advise , i'm doing it now
This forum is really full of good people 🙂

Level 12
I have seen this sort of issue fixed by simply reseating the keyboard ribbon cable, but the fact that the keycap is now broken would almost certainly be considered customer induced damage. The good news is that as repairs go, the keyboard is typically pretty cheap to replace. No idea on what Asus parts run, but based on my experience as a repair tech in the past, I'd say 50USD is a good ballpark figure.

On the other hand, at least if it were me, if I could fix the issue by just reseating the cable, I'd pretend I didn't see the broken keycap. It's only when I'd have to replace the part that I'd have to charge you for it.

Thank you cl-scott , the keyboard ribbon cable is accessible without broken the warranty or unsettle the laptop , it seem like we can access to very few thing on this laptop ,and what about the warranty if i go to a local shop replace the keyboard , this broke it no ? I will see what the support say to me. I didn't already say to them that i broke a little part of the key , just the base problem for the moment