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G55 Fan detection test

Level 7
Hi guys, just wondering is there any method to check whether my G55 ROG laptop's fans is working or not?

As what I know there're 2 fans on left and right side, and from some of the post here, people mentioned it's temperature auto-detect.

But when I doing work with my laptop, left hand side seem "cold" but right side is really really heated up.
Just wondering is my laptop's fan working or not.

Suggestion much appreciated.

Level 7
your fans are working fine .. i tear down my laptop for msata issues 😞 and i notice that both fans connected with 1 exhaust so its normal that
your right side have higher temp than left one .
enjoy your system .. asus is rock :cool:

I just have my laptop hang twice today when playing some clips at youtube.
And I am quite worried that my laptop gonna overheat since I just get it not more that one year.

:cool: glad to hear that my laptop's fans are working fine.

But still is there a way to check ? really feel weird about my laptop getting heat up.
I checked temperature with speedfan and it shown 53+ for my GPU. And about 57+ for 4 of my laptop's cores.

is this normal ?

yup its normal 😮

Are those idle temps? If so, a good cooler would keep the CPU near 30 degrees Celsius on idle. Anything from 50+ is usually load temps. Not sure why it is at that.

Well, after I start up my system and waited around 2 mins to let all the startup softwares running, it already take me around 2GBs.
And all those softwares raise my laptop temperature to 50+.
Most of them were asus's startup system.

Ya, maybe getting an extra cooler will do the job. but it takes another usb port. =[
Have plugin my mouse, keyboard, and external hard disc. Guess the last one will need for the cooler.

Level 7
btw, does anyone know how to change screen resolution high then 1366x768. example to 1600x900 ?
and if i change to higher resolution, does my screen still support 3D function ?

Level 9
Your native resolution should be 1920x1080.

Mystery-Man, what do you mean native resolution.

When I first get my g55, it's already 1366x768, and it's the highest resolution with (recommand).
couldn't increase anymore.
I tried once that I increased to 1600 by myself, icon on screen seems not sharp anymore.

do you mean any setting?