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G55 Disassembly (PLEASE HELP ME)

Level 7
Hi ROG Forum Members!

First of all sorry for my bad english, its not my native language. This is my very first post in this forum. I purchased Asus G55 in the beginning of summer and so far I'm very pleased with it.
3 days ago i unfortunately broke the half of my jack plug (from my headphones) to the audio input. I rly don't know how it happened, but the half of it is still in there, and I think the only solution is disassembly, but I couldnt find a proper disassembly guide or video. Please someone help me ! Im very sad now, I was collecting money for half a year to buy this awesome gaming notebook. Should I bring it to a computer service store, or I can do this ? Thanks the help in advance !


Level 7
May be it would be much better for you to go to service center. Of course it will be not free of charge but no risk for you.

Thanks for the quick reply ! Is there any disassembly guide for G55 (If yes, can someone please link it for me?). I only find guide for G75...

edit: found video on this site. I will post about the development

Level 14
I read of someone removing a broken headphone plug from their laptop using Super Glue on a toothpick. True Story!
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Level 10

That is what you need, but at a point in the video it freezes so you cannot see the whole disassembly process, but it covers 90% of it.
I will be doing one disassembly guide for G55 myself, but I am waiting for some things to arrive from ebay.

Level 10
I think~ you must be sent the notebook to asus service center repair and test fot detail,i strongly recommended

asus service center contact information reference to you: