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G53SX - Ever frequent lockups/freezes with robotic sound

Level 7
Hello all,

After searching around the internet and not coming to any solution, I finally decided to ask here.

I have a G53SX that I bought in October of 2011. It is this one, but has the i7 cpu.


Anyways, around 3 months ago, sometimes while browsing the internet my computer would freeze and whatever music was playing would turn into this annoying robotic looping sound, but then it would go back to normal. This would happen maybe once a week. Then it gradually became twice a week. The frequency got more often to the point where 2 weeks ago, it would happen 4-5 times a day.

At the same time (again, 2ish weeks ago) a new type of lockup came about. This time, while I am just casually browsing or reading something, the computer will completely lockup. No sound, no nothing. The mouse will freeze too. I would leave it like this for an hour and still nothing would happen. Eventually I will turn off the laptop using the power button.

Lately, however, this has been happening 3-4 times a day and it's driving me absolutely insane. Especially when I'm studying for exams, it really really frustrates me. For some reason, it never happens when I game though (I only play CS:GO, or Torchlight 2).


-The hard drive light will not be on during this.
-No Error message what so ever.
-Aside from the lockup, everything seems completely normal.
-Doesn't happen during gaming.


-Originally, I thought it was a sound/ graphics driver issue after researching some. I updated all my Realtek and nVidia drivers. And no avail.

-Since harddrive light is not on, I don't believe it's a hard drive problem.

-I suspect that it is either the memory card (temp seems to go up to max of 71 C, but like I said it never crashes when gaming, and not immediately after. Just while browsing)


The RAM sticks. I am in the process of trying to do a memtest, I will get back to you guys once it's done.

Also: I recently CLEAN and FRESH installed Win7 Pro on this in June, and I don't do anything crazy on this computer. Just browse 7 days a week, and game maybe 5 hrs within a week (Engineering life ftw).

I would appreciate any help and let me know if there is anything I can do to facilitate the process.

Level 7

1. Memtest revealed no errors with RAM
2. This morning, I turned on the computer, within 5 mins the PC froze and the robotic sound came. Then immediately after the screen went black and the computer crashed. Good news is when the computer came back on, it gave error report. Which I will post here:

I used BlueScreenView to view my dump file.

It seems to be a problem with either the nVidia or DirectX driver.
Here are the three lines that were highlighted in red.

However, I have no idea how to interpret this!!