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G53SW turbo boost throttle

Level 7
Hi all,

I have a G53SW-A1(i believe), it's about 9 months old. The processor is a 2630QM at 2.00GHz and 2.90GHz while plugged in.

About 2-3 weeks ago, I noticed while playing COD4 that my frames went from 250 to about 120, and that when I played CS:GO it struggled to push 30 fps, during these games my turbo boost monitor showed that I was at 2.60GHz and that my gpu usage was a constant 99% and pushing to 80 degrees C (which has never happened even when gaming on my lap).

I've done a factory reset which has helped the FPS issue, but my GHz is still throttled during gaming at 2.60 (with the rare exception where it pushes to 2.62). sometimes during boot it'll push to 2.80, but then during usage, at best it'll push to 2.62 with the gpu usage between 50-70%

i know the turbo feature is supposed to max at 2.60GHz when all cores are being used (hwinfo64 is showing all cores at 2.60). Anyone know how to fix it so it goes back to using one core at 2.90GHz

any help would be appreciated

Level 10
Hi and Welcome to the ROG community! 🙂

About the CPU throttling is a well known issue. There is no released fix for it yet from Asus (**I pray every day that Asus will release a BIOS fix for this**) but there is a workaround about how to fix this issue 🙂

And I noticed that your notebook is 9 months old, have you ever cleand the fans with compressed air? Yesterday I disassembled my G73 and I took out a lot of dust that was inside the fans, and then SIW (system information for windows) reported the system was on 33/34 celcious and before I cleaned it, SIW reported 40 celcius and above (at idle usage almost)
Asus G73SW-91058V 3D
- Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300
- BIOS 205

Thanks for the reply.

That's a bit unfortunate, I don't really want to mess with the bios considering I'm a scrub when it comes to PC/laptops.

i've never cleaned the fans, but as far I can remember, it's always idled at 40-45. If anything, I plan to send it back some time mid year 'cause there are other minor problems I want to have looked at, so I'll try asking if they can clean it

Level 10
About how to fix the throttling issue temporarily is with Throttlestop 4.0 I think, if you look in the link I posted.

What is the other problems you have? The last thing you want to do is to send your notebook in for an RMA (since many have reported bad service.... but that depends on where you live), so it's better to try fixing the issue by yourself 🙂
Asus G73SW-91058V 3D
- Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300
- BIOS 205

Well the biggest one is my ram is showing 4gbs instead of 8. this happened after I sent my laptop in to have a snapped charger pin fixed.

The other problem is my DVD won't read or write (my BluRay reads fine).

The ones who took it were a day or two later than they said they'd be, and they never contacted me about the status of it, so I'm waiting for mid year to send it back 'cause I can't do school work or my internship work without it. I have 24 months under my warranty so it should be cool