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G53S - Artifacts in 3D & videos started appearing, getting errors

Level 7
G53S - Artifacts in 3D & videos started appearing, getting errors

I have had my G53S for about a year and it has worked flawlessly until today.

Never been over or underclocked.

3D and Videos are displaying lots of artifacts and noise. I also get bands of corrupted image if I try to play any games. Even the NVIDIA Control Panel dialogue 'Adjust Image Settings with Preview" has artifacts and causes my screen to flicker.

I'm also getting "nVidia kernel mode driver stopped working and has recovered." errors quite often, especially if I start a full screen game or video.

My GPU temp is showing at 47-50 degrees, however I can't hear the outtake fan.. I seem to remember hearing it before.

I downloaded NVIDIA Inspector which shows 10183.

I have tried latest 304.79 drivers and uninstalling the drivers completely and reinstalling them. No change.

Can anyone help?

Level 9
Yes, this exact same thing happened to mine fresh outta the box, I was playing league of legends and all of a sudden BOOOM artifacts creating 3D spikes to infinity and beyond. Install an old driver, 297. perhaps ?

Yes please install an old driver for the time being and tell me if it still occurs.

If you can't hear your fan then, the fan's probably busted or the power to the fan is screwed. Please check properly if you can hear the fan.
Another thing, please uninstall Nvida 3D Vision / or exclude that when re-installing the old driver.

RMA if needed, I'm pretty sure you're still in your warranty zone ?
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