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G53JW - Battery LED is blinking Orange!!! What should i do now?

Level 7
Hi guys,
After having my G53JW about 40 months, recently, though my battery powers my notebook just fine, its LED has started blinking orange which indicates charging failure. I havent't used my battery often, maybe a few times a year, i always have kept it in my notebook, i know i should have discharged and charged it a few times per month, but i didn't, because i didn't need it. However, due to not using my battery too much, it's too annoying to get this error, and i bet there's a circuit problem inside the battery rather than cell chemicals, because the battery powers on and backs up notebook just fine.

Here is my HWINFO64 screenshot about my battery, it says %16 wear level after 40 months, lithium battery:

And i have uploaded a video here:

I'm completely lost. Draining as low as %20 and re-chargind DID NOT help.

THE ONLY TEMPORARY FIX IS TO COMPLETELY REMOVING OUT THE BATTERY AND RE-INSERTING IT which corrects orange LED, until next time. Apparently, there's a reporting problem from the battery. Because, when i remove and re-insert the battery, it gives correct remaining level and remaning time.

What should i do??? 😞

Level 7
I ran an old Dell XPS gaming laptop with this exact same issue for almost two years (on wall power, granted), and it was fine. Eventually, though, the unit crapped out due to motherboard failure. If you have the coin, I'd try the following, in order:

1. See if a new battery (from a place like Batteries Plus if you have one nearby) fixes the issue. Batteries Plus can also test the battery, usually, to see if it's indeed something in the cells that is causing the issue.

2. If the same problem persists with a new battery, a motherboard/charging system problem is likely. Have the unit diagnosed by a tech with a good local rating. I believe Asus will also give you a free estimate for a repair if you're out of warranty, but this will involve mailing it to their service center, of course... Once you know what the specific issue is, you can decide if it's worth it to repair (likely will require a new motherboard, if so).

FYI: I'd also have the POWER BRICK tested as well, first by whoever analyzes your battery, and then by whoever looks at the laptop if needed. Power supplies can start "spiking" voltage when they are near failure, which can cause all sorts of issues/eventual damage to the mobo and the charging system (happened to me...)

Good luck and whatever the outcome be sure to come back and tell us what the resolution was (so others down the road can take advantage of your experience). --M