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g53j a1 backlit keyboard not working (*READ THE FULL STORY*)

Level 7
hi there, guys.
first im happy to be part of the family now 🙂
i recently (half a year) bought a g53.
now i have had this problem of the backlight not working and fixed that before.
now starts the real issue,
the pin in my power socket broke off, so i gave my laptop for a fix under warranty.

the guys at the lab changed my motherboard (charge free), but then the cam and mic didnt work. (the backlight still worked there)
so i gave it back and they have changed it after i got it back,
i have had to reinstall a bunch of drivers. and fixed most of the issues.
the only thing that now remains is the backlight now working.

tried uninstall and reinstall the ATK 10005 and 10008,
the FN keys work and the gfx show on the screen, but the backlight remains unlit.
what can i do about this thing?
is it possible that under the keyboard theres a power cable just for the lights?
if so i will open it and be done with that,
i dont want to be near that repair lab never again!

thanks!! 🙂

Level 10
the thin power cable on the kb is the lights. common issue is that they install the ribbon cable upside-down; should be gold side up.

does the kb lights flash on POST?
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nope. the light isnt coming on at all, not from the boot till windows is fully up and running

Level 10
OK, then you should pop off the keyboard and check to see if the cable was installed wrong. If it's in right, then we may need to try the kblight fix.
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is there a photo showing the right way to connect it?

Level 7
never mind, opened it up and flipped the cable, now it works 🙂
thanks a bunch.

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Hi to everyone. I found this forum from Googling "G53 backlight". I have the same issue as the OP. After re-instaling the drivers and checking the ribbon cable, I still have no backlight. It does not flash on boot. Can anyone confirm that the "G73JhFixKBLights" will work on the 53 also. Thanks

Level 10
Hmm, never ran it on a G53, but I do not see a reason why it shouldn't.
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