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G531GW Static noise when moving cursor

Level 7
Hi lads,

I've became a proud owner of Strix Scar III G531GW and noticed a small issue.

When I'm moving my cursor laptop makes odd buzzing/cracking sounds. It comes from the body for sure and happens whenever I touch the touchpad or a mouse (tried all USB ports), especially when browsing web, but also on sole desktop. I have my external speakers connected.

So, I'm wondering, why does it happen and can it be fixed somehow, because as for now the PC has gained the tittle of prince of decibels and noises (louder than my Fiance's hair dryer...) and I'm seriously considering returning it...

Best regs,

Level 40

Coil whine is the high pitch noise that happens when an electric current passes through electromagnetic coils and causes it to vibrate at frequencies that can be registered by the ear. The coils act like transformers or inductors which stabilize fluctuating electric current to appreciable levels.

On PC desktop, in general it is the PSU or graphics card that generate coil whine.

But, to be honest, coil whine in a notebook is next to impossible to fix. Because the materials are soldered on the motherboard and removing it is either going to void your warranty or damage the hardware. The best course of action is to either return the laptop for a replacement or send it back to ASUS to fix it.

Hello, I had the same problem as you after my dedicated gtx 1660ti from g531gu died, I have no ideea what caused the death of the gpu on an 1 month old laptop (i sent it to warranty and they replaced my entire motherboard) but whenever I used my mouse cursor I was hearing the same sound... I think some products are broken from factory...