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G531GW battery life

Level 7
Hi guys,

Notebookcheck tested the battery life and came up with close to 5 hours for their wifi test. I'm sat here mostly reading a PDF at minimum brightness with the occasional internet search and on the SILENT profile. I've been going 40 minutes and already at 60% remaining. Anything I can check/look at?

Level 7
So, in the end I got about 95 minutes. Something is clearly wrong.

Hey dude, do you notice a problem about battery drain after you shutdown your PC? I put the option for saving the battery life, it's about when your battery is at 60% and plugged, the battery can't reach above, it's pretend to save the battery life. I don't know if it's about this option but when I shutdown my PC, the battery is at 60% for sure and sometimes, when I start it, my battery is at 2%??? I did some search and I'm not alone with this trouble.

Have a good day.

Hi, nope don't have that issue but I'm really pissed off about my battery life. This was a well-researched parameter and though it's a gaming machine, I expected way more than 2 hours on wifi. Time to call in....