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G53 SX A1 - upgrade questions

Level 7
This is a re-post from a different thread since I was "told" to post here instead.

G53 sx a1
I am looking at upgrading the RAM and adding a SSD.

As far as I was aware, when purchasing the computer, it should have came with 12 Gb RAM DDR3 @ 1333MHz. Looking through the other posts, I decided to run HWiNFO and found out that I do have 12 Gb RAM but at 667MHz. Now that is a problem in my opinion as it is not quite what I purchased but it's too late now as the computer is old already.

I could not find exact details if this model actually comes with a designated space for the second hdd/ ssd or if the DVD bay needs to be replaced with the hdd/ ssd. I saw that some other G53 models can have a second internal hdd with an optional tray.

Could anyone offer any thoughts/ advice on the two topics?

BTW I am considering either adding either a 250Gb samsung 840 evo or a 500Gb ssd of the same make. I was also reading that the cloning of the existing data to the samsung ssd might not be as easy with the provided software as there are two partitions.

Thank you,