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g53 rattling fan

Level 7

It's been pretty much 1 year without an issue, but recently one popped up. As the title says, my left fan is making a weird rattling noise. I haven't cleaned my vents in over a year, so there might be a dust issue. Could dust make the fan rattle? It sounds like the fan is not turning properly and rubbing against something. What other cause could there be? Just some oil needed?

As it is always such a big undertaking to disassemble this laptop, I'd first like to know what the possible causes for the noise could be and if i can do anything about it by just opening it up and having a look?

My temperatures look fine, maybe slightly higher (about 5C) than ususally when gaming, but I don't want it to get worse. If I'm correct, in the g53 the right fan does all the main work and the left one is mostly cosmetic?

Level 9
i think you clean cooing system first, if still have sound, you can disassembly lapop to check is fan damage or some kind of part unlock.

Level 7
i had the same problem with my right fan, i cleaned it and the noise keep going, so then i take out the fan and oil it, worked like a charm

Level 10
the extra dust on the fan has overworked it. the rattling you hear is most likely a bad bearing in the fan.

some oil may help keep it quiet or you may need to replace it.

heat and dust kills electronics. keep your system clean.
dstrakele wrote:
I just blow the flames out and keep playin'....

My G73 had a problem with a fan. After ignoring it for over a year it hardly does it. I would say its a ball bearing issue. The load on the fans are not going to wear that much so unless the sound is an issue or it seems the fan has locked up i would just leave it untill it seems to stop working. But i would order the fan so that when it does, you can replace it right away. I still have the 1 i ordered over a year ago....Ill probably replace it before i sell it. Im probably upgrading when the G76 comes out.

Level 7
Thanks for your answers.
For now I'll just blow some air inside and see if that helps. I might take it apart later this week. The sound is not too annoying, but I think overall my g53 is making a lot of noise even on idle, so it might well be worth to clean it (although the temps are still the same than when I first got it).
Where would you buy such a fan? Is it the same than on the g73 or on other brands. Also is it possible to put a stronger fan in there, so it stays cooler and more quiet?

anything's possible. look on ebay and you might find something stronger with the same form-factor or something you can make work with minimal modifications. personally i would find a replacement, order it, and let it sit around until needed, like was said above.

you should keep your fans/system clean, regardless of temperatures. by the time it finally heats up and you notice the temps rise, the damage is usually done.

some people wait for their car to break down before they call the mechanic and some get problems fixed early. it always pays off to fix the problems early. to fix them later comes at a cost of the parts you're abusing.
dstrakele wrote:
I just blow the flames out and keep playin'....