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G53 3 time RMA

Level 7
The first week of July 2012 my G53 went in for repair of a broken power plug port. 2 weeks later the computer was returned to me without "my original box" I sent with it, computer housing was cracked with part of the plastic broke off, white paint ( or white material ) all over the screen an speaker area, and small surface scratches. I immediately called the Support center and was told to send in pictures and then someone would call me in 24-48 hours. I immediately sent in the pictures and never received a call. 5 days later I called backed was asked to send in the computer for repair. I then sent in the computer and 2 weeks later received the computer back not fixed and with a new problem the fans making a whineing noise at shutoff. I immediately called Asus support again and was told to send in pictures and I would receive a call from a manager in 24-48 hours. 3 days later and no call from Asus so I called again. I was then told to send in more pictures and someone would call me in 24-48 hours. The next day Asus called me and I was asked to send in the computer. The rep that called me said I would be sending it to the corporate office to him and he assured me that it would be returned to me the next day after receipt and he would also contact me when he received it. I noticed the address that i was sending it to was the same place that had damaged the computer the first time. Last Friday I tracked the computer and it showed that the repair center had received it on Wednesday. I called Asus support and was told that I would receive the laptop on Monday. I called back today and was told that I am waiting on parts and there is no expected time of return. No phone calls or emails again from Asus.
This problem Has now been almost 8 weeks, I use my laptop for work and have not had it for 8 weeks. I spent $1400 on it in January and had to sell my Alienware to be able to afford it. I am 40 years old and have had Dell's all my life. I bought an Asus because you get more bang for your buck. Out of the 9 Dell computers I have owned and still own I have had only 1 motherboard repair that took 1 day, because they come to my home. Asus has lied to me and treated me like I do not matter. Unfortunately I am at the mercy of your company because I cannot afford $1400 for a new Alienware ( I am an engineer and require certain power and graphical needs). All I have is this iPad that I am using to type this message that would have taken half the time if I had a computer.
I need an immediate resolution, please or at least my money back so I can create my own resolution?

chrsplmr wrote:
cl.. it is that easy. Some of the things we have seen here. What justifies them having a job.
There is no unemployment for those that do not do their jobs.

and would have cost far less... by now.
All the Marketing and Proven Top Products will Never overcome the damage of returning
a RMA .. to be kind .. Not complete.

cl- a few more like yourself and Mason sweat'n them .. until there are no more cracks.

I'm not sure you could really make that case, since you're talking theoreticals. It's kind of like how the MPAA/RIAA/UbiSoft equate one illegally downloaded copy of something as one lost sale. The mental leap needed to get from here to there is deceptively large.

Level 18
Apologies OP ... keep us posted.

Exactly. That Value was 'Stolen' .. by the Pirate.
This ... squandering of brand equity by apathy.

We all know and love this equipment.
We have pride of ownership.

Recently I saw a thread similar to this where the OP carefully
boxed and shipped the unit. (pics)
Whoever shipped that back as complete (pics).. would not be working
for me in the excuses, gone.
(if true. but i have no reason to doubt that op).

Far too many have worked far too hard to get 'us' here to
allow this to continue to continue .. find the problem and
like a spammer ... delete.c.

Level 18
This Thread has run AMuck... haha .. so sorry OP. .. how U do'n ?

.. Nov. 6th... im taping my fingers shut, NOW.c.

Level 14
You told the OP to PM Mason@ASUS. Mason is the ONLY person who can help when you have a problem RMA situation. Fortunately, he's very successful at it, so ultimately, the OP should be OK.
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dstrakele wrote:
You told the OP to PM Mason@ASUS. Mason is the ONLY person who can help when you have a problem RMA situation. Fortunately, he's very successful at it, so ultimately, the OP should be OK.

By the time the OP made this thread, the unit had already shipped from the repair center. Beyond that, IIRC, the part needed was on back order for a time. If you don't have the part, you don't have the part, not a lot anyone can do about that.

And for anyone who thinks that is bad, never go to work for any place that repairs Apple computers. They will let orders just sit for several days, then cancel them on you. If you're lucky they will send you a form letter with a generic reason selected for why your order is being canceled. But they won't do anything logical like send it to the person who created the repair, they'll send it to one of the account admins. I developed a good working relationship with a lot of the people in one of Apple's administrative centers, so they'd tell me what was going on off the record, but officially you were lucky to get one of those generic form letters with a non-descript and completely useless reason for why the order was canceled. Even better, was that the way Apple scores their sliding scale for labor payouts, the repair shop gets penalized when Apple doesn't have any parts in stock. You would have to go and beg the administrative people for an exemption on that repair, and of course Apple keeps track of every time you ask for one of those exemptions, and it factors into whether or not they'll grant one next time around. So they screw up, and it's the repair shop that gets to not only deal with the customer screaming about how long it's taking, but then you get shafted on your labor reimbursements for the following month.

Level 18
Mr. Billings sits right in front of Mason .. and has semi-basically the same job .. as I understand

.. may I ever so humbly and with all due respect suggest ..
... hahhahahha... c.

chrsplmr wrote:
Mr. Billings sits right in front of Mason .. and has semi-basically the same job .. as I understand

I have no issue .. this has been healthful.c.

Indeed I do, on both counts. So if you ever want something tossed over my shoulder at Mason... You know, for good luck... I'll send you my pricing breakdown in a PM. I think you'll find my rates are very reasonable based on the weight of the object. I also now have someone sitting in front of me, but it's doubtful she'll ever be around here, so you'll have to settle for just me throwing things in Mason's general direction. Although, I could potentially blame her for any objects landing in Mason's area... Hmmmmmm....

...extra $$$$ to blame the new gal in the office? 😄 Definitely something to consider...:) ROFL
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We now have 178 people whose systems will not break! Yippee! 🙂
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Level 18
... unless you accidently toss 'her' in that direction .. which, you never know, maybe
Mason and 'she' would both, at that point 'chip in' ... you could be onto something ..

I see you have the same pay scale .. have to sell pencils on the corner during lunch .. yep..
.. respect the game .. not the gain .. and reduced parking...
Welcome to Asus .. (sorry Asus.. it had to be laugh'd.)..

She's not from Dell is she ??? (j/k) bro .. really..rof.c.

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Heh, I'll be PMing you cl-Scott, when I finally send mine in for warranty :cool:

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