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G51VX-RX05 Frame drop

Level 7
I own a asus g51rx-vx05. Its already 3 years old. I had a problem of a drop of fps when playing games last year but i solved it. I cleaned the heatsink, the fan, and replaced the thermal compound.I used arctic silve 5. It worked well. But after that year, The fps drop problem came back so i cleaned it again and replaced the thermal compound, but this time it didnt work, After playing a game or two in nba 2k13 the fps drop will occur. I play alot of nba games in my laptop for the last 3 years since i bought it. Please tell me what can I do to fix this problem.

Level 10
Buddy I think this thread belongs in another forum. Here is the G55, G75 and G46 forum. The only explanation for the frame drop could be old drivers, or if the GPU is damaged somehow (eg. often overheating or something like that).

Ohh sorry, i should just transfer my post. Thanks btw