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G501vw-bsi7n25 USB Type C to HDMI monitor issues, driver updates?

Level 7
Hi All,

I'm new to the forum and would appreciate your help with a few things with G501VW-BSI7N25.

My main use for the laptop are Autocad C3D, Revit and gaming as well, BF4 (not so much on gaming but I like the option that I'm able to).

I have made upgrades - 8gb ram to 16bg, added M.2 256gb as main used the HDD for storage. I'm using a Corsair Strafe RGB keyboard and Logitech G700 mouse.

What I want to do is run two 27" monitors as it helps when working on C3D. I've tried using the USB Type C to HDMI for one monitor however, I'm getting a lot of flickering
and eventually the monitor will not respond. Is this a common issue using Type C to HDMI? If not, what should I update?

Last question, Where do I find all necessary drivers/update?

Thanks for reading and I appreciate your input.

Level 7

You can get the drivers there just put in your model number

I would recommend updating your bios to the latest version by downloading it from the support page. After you have installed it reinstall you graphics drivers.