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G501 Random BLUE Screen of death .. absurd quality

Level 7
Hello there,
In november I bought Asus G501JW as a present.
The laptop started showing blue screen of death durring alt+tab so I disabled the internal video cart and make sure that the nvidia is in use. The laptop was running fine for around 20 days... this should be a high quality laptop used for not more then 3 hours per day.

Then the laptop randomly started to show AGAIN BLUE screen of DEATH showing:


error message.

I returned the LAPTOP exactly 1 month after buying it.. worst quality ever but, since it is in WARENTY it has been told to me the screen is flickering and the Video card is the issue.

I got a motherboard replacement. The HDD is the same. I waited 30 days for this replacement !

1 week no issues (I take it on 18.01.2016) NOW AGAIN I am getting the SAME problem... is there any quality in ASUS products or ? Just the service department are really bad.

I want to ask.. can I throw the laptop out of the window and get a FULL replacement ? or just ALL laptops have this issue ?

I am uplaoding the dmp files.. of course after the restart of the blue screen I hope SOMEONE can tell me what the problem is before throwing the laptop out of the window.

I hope I will get some response SOON since the laptop was a present and even the kid was not able to use it during Christmas and the WHOLE POINT of having laptop was exactly because of that I will contact layer to sue Asus and the support guys also the re seller for personal damage since for 3 months their new product was not working even a 1 month without a workaroud and was returned to me again with the same issue and even the keyboard keys doesn't work anymore.. No comment.

In short I had ASUS G55VW before the power went bad after 2 months but they changed it.. bad quality but still works... before that ASUS G60VX which still works... I cant imagine how the quality is becoming so much worst each year... I will defiantly NOT gonna buy or use another ASUS laptop again.

Level 10
Two of my friends own a G501 and theirs are working great so sucks to hear that you're having issues with yours.

First of all, a lot of things can cause BSODs and unfortunately it appears that ASUS has not replaced the correct components in your laptop. Since they replaced the motherboard it means that the CPU and GPU are replaced as well so if those are out of the picture, the biggest possibility would be probably the memory, however of course the HDD can also be the culprit.

Since you're still having the same problems it's probably best you contact them immediately again to let them know that they didn't resolve the issue. Normally if the issue is the same, most companies pay the shipping cost to have you send it back in and they will either fix the issue very quickly and send back to you or send you a new replacement.