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[G46VW] Strange touchpad behavior

Level 7
I've had my G46VW for less than a year and the touchpad is exhibiting some strange behavior.

If anything is touching the bottom of the laptop around where the touchpad is, it stops responding. Buttons still work, but the touch function does not. If the laptop is on a non-flat surface, this will render the touchpad unusable. If I try to lift the laptop up with one hand (IE, my thumb underneath with my index or middle finger handling the touch pad,) it also doesn't work. I have to lift the laptop from the side in order for the touch pad to work (or only use it at a flat surface, but it is a laptop after all...)

I've seen a few threads about drivers / heating issues, but I'm a bit confused as to why touching the bottom of the laptop would cause this problem. I've done some disassembly with my laptop recently to replace the harddrive, and knowing how the keyboard (and touch pad) come off the laptop almost completely disconnected from the bottom/MOBO half, the fact that touching the bottom of the case makes the touch pad not work seems really boggling to me.

Has anyone else had this issue? I haven't been able to find anyone describing this issue in specific...

Level 7
Hi buddy.
The touchpad is absolutely the only thing that disappoints me with this system, it's jumpy for me during small motions, almost unusable TBH.
I don't think what I will say might help you directly but let's give it a try:

Did you already tested re-seating your keyboard+touchpad ribbon cable?
As you already know it's easy to find when removing the keyboard.

Also, have to tried different drivers (which doesn't really make sense but who knows)?
I use these drivers directly from elantech atm:

Please keep me updated with any results!
G46VW | 3740QM @3.7GHz (All cores) | SanDisk 960GB SSD | 16GB Kingston LoVo | GTX 660M | GTX 970 via Thunderbolt

Level 7
Is there any software on the asus like my old Dell that kind of "corrects" erratic movements and makes the trackpad slugish? I find my trackpad jumps a little in World of Warcraft which ruins the game for me, I have myself ready to hit a spell and look for the righ moment and then the touchpad jumps slightly. I have no way to get to mouse properties like in windows 7, I used to really like all those options because I disable all fancy gesture crap since it just interferes with accuracy. Am I right in thinking they've removed those options from 8.1? Can anyone tell me whether there is any way to adjust touchpad touch sensitivity? I agree the sparse touchpad options and the touchpad are a flaw in this machine.