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g46vw might be briked ?(no power)

Level 7
My g46v is not powering on at all?
Hello, I would like some advice on what to do with my ROG laptop G46V.
My laptop was working fine, then one day after being put into sleep mode it never came back on. It is completely off, when I try plugging in the cable is as if the cable was not there. The cable is working fine I had tested it with another Asus computer.

I read online about the trick of taking out the battery and pressing the powerbutton however this is not possible since the battery is built inside the computer.
This happened once before when i had just bought it about 7 -8 months ago, but after a day it came back on. This time its been over a week and still nothing...

Any advice would be awesome thank you in advance

Level 9
please send to service center to check it.