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G46vw Keyboard backlit color modding

Level 7
Hi community! I am a proud owner of G46vw, i love everything about this laptop except the default white color backlit keyboard color! Its a gaming laptop but users doesn't have the option to change the color, i been desperately wanting to change the color to blue to match most of my gaming gears! Unfortunately i am not blessed with the talent to disassemble laptops or have absolutely no idea how to change the color. I did some google search and found out that changing backlit color to blue isn't impossible. I found Hidevolution offers to change the backlit color of the keyboard to any color but i need to ship my laptop to California(i live in New York). I need my laptop everyday so shipping to california isn't an option 😞 . Does anyone know anyplace in New york city that provide such service? Or anyone kind enough to show me how its done through video? Thanks community have a nice day!

Level 9
I looked at XoticPC located in Lincoln NE, they show they can do it, but with overnight shipping... PA is no closer than CA!

Level 7
Really? i mean its better for me to walk into store and pick it up lol. Thank for the reply though.Really hoping to change the backlit to blueee

If you are wanting to try to do this yourself before sending it off paying a premium (I have looked into it as well for my G46VW), here's how I'd be doing it:
1) Watch this video by JwPwns1: until the keyboard is out
2) Get some plastic/acetate film of your color choice
3) Hears where I'm not sure (I have opened my laptop to install my mSATA SSD but didn't pay too much attention to the keyboard), figure out where the keyboard LEDs are located & put the cut to size plastic/acetate film between the LEDs & keyboard keys
4) Close everything up using JwPwns1 other video:

Let's say you you are really wanting the ROG emblem light colored as well ( I would), I'd watch this video: then do similar to what I mentioned above.

I plan on doing all this myself but have not had time to do so. When I do, I will post an official how-to but for the most part, what I mentioned above is how'd I go about doing it.
G46VW I Best Buy Stock I 128GB mSATA I Windows 8.1

Level 7
Thank you , as i said im a computer retard so i wouldn't dare to open it myself! Somehow i found a place in Manhattan that will do this service for me for 45$ (im desperate so im going to pay for it) But i have to bring the color films myself to them, im wondering what kind of film best for this

Level 7
I have no idea. With some quick googling, it seems people like to use "colored film gels".
G46VW I Best Buy Stock I 128GB mSATA I Windows 8.1