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G46VW Charging issues

Level 7
Hello folks,

I'm having a problem with my Asus G46VW. A couple of months ago, sometimes the screen would start changing brightness as if the charger was being removed and replugged, however it was still in place, and it would happen when something else was turned on to the same outlet that drew more power, and simply changing the outlet would be fine.

Now, however, I have the following behaviour, whether the notebook is on or off:

-Connect charger to the outlet and the notebook jack
-Notebook shows orange connecting light on for anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes
-Suddenly, light starts to turn on and off intermittently, as if I was removing and replugging the charger
-Notebook stops charging completely, as the light continues to blink that way

If I unplug the charger, wait 15 minutes, and plug it back in, then it goes back to the beginning of the chain, with the orange light solid on for a couple of minutes, and then starts blinking again. The port is fine, I can plug in the charger and wiggle it to all hell and it will still have an orange light; and when it starts its blinking behaviour, wiggling the connector also doesn't do anything to help. Is it a charger issue or a battery issue?

Level 7
Check the back of the charger where the cord plugs in the back. I have found that my plug will get loose and I will have the same issue. Once i re-secure the plug in the back it works fine! good luck!