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G46vw: Buy now or buy later?

Level 7
Hello all. I'm new around here, but I have been reading alot on the G46vw lately. I'm considering buy the laptop today from Best Buy for $799 (on sale thru friday). I really wouldn't totally need it until the start of my fall semester coming up. What I was wondering tho is.. Do you all think there will be any improvements or upgrades (processor, quad core, chipset, ect) coming to this model in the next couple months? Anything that would be a reason for me to wait a couple months as opposed to buying it today? Thanks in advance.

Level 7
Intel is soon pushing out the Haswell line of CPUs, which will bring a 6-8 % increased performance-per-clock (estimated, real benchmarks coming soon) compared to Ivy Bridge and a heavily improved graphical unit (Iris and Iris Pro) which brings up to double the performance compared to Intel HD Graphics 4000. Since you'll be getting a GTX 660M in it, the graphics part may be irrelevant unless you plan on gaming on battery often, where the integrated Iris/Iris Pro graphics will shine while giving you adequate battery life. As far as the processor part goes, it's not too much of a difference. In Layman's terms, you'll be fine going for it now. However, I'd say rather wait since the arena of gaming changes rapidly. In the end, it's up to you. The price alone may benefit you better than if you wait and pay the "standard" price.

EDIT: The Best Buy model has a slow hard-drive (5400 RPM) and a dual-core processor (i5-3210M). While it's not going to be noticably better in most games, I'd prefer the i7-3630QM due to its better performance in many other areas, video editing, rendering, emulators and such. A 7200 RPM hard-drive is also going to give you better perceived system performance. Of course, it's all up to you.

Level 7
Thanks for the quick reply. I heard that Intel was coming out with a new chipset in a couple weeks that would improve battery life. When stuff like this comes out.. Do they generally come out with a new version with the new components pretty quick or would it be a long way off for a new version (also maybe a i7 model or a higher resolution screen or ssd in next few months)?

Ruiziur wrote:
Do they generally come out with a new version with the new components pretty quick or would it be a long way off for a new version (also maybe a i7 model)?

That depends on the PC manufacturer. PC sales are going down, and tablets and low-power devices gets all the more focus day by day. Either way, I'd expect a couple of extra months after the release of Haswell before you can find Haswell PCs on shelves. There are already i7 models of the G46 out there, just not on Best Buy.

Level 7
Oh i see, I'd imagine they wouldn't be $800 either I assume. Is there a major store that has them? I know hidevolution does but seems a bit pricy.

Level 7
Sorry, one more question. Is there anything that I wouldn't be able to upgrade myself on the best buy version as opposed to buying a custom one on hidevolution? Thanks again.

Level 9
Does the i5 bottleneck in games? The i5 3230M. I had a sub-par experience with HIDevolution (Not trying to discredit them) and warranty repairs for the i7 one I ordered. I found a local shop that sells an i5 one with a 900p display, hybrid drive, and all that fun stuff. Any tips?

Also, I am doing other things (I am an engineering student), but I have a beastly desktop at home to handle really demanding things. Plus, the local shop includes 2 year free sipping warranty with 1 year accidental.

EDIT: Do you guys know anywhere in Canada which sells the i7 version???

Level 10
i5 will be fine in most games but normal bundle with good gpu always on i7..