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G46vw at my wits end. I need advice..

Level 7
Okay im going to make this sorta short. Had a G46 for a long time wouldnt charge anymore after 2+ years so I let it sit. Screen gets cracked so I replace it with a 1080p 14 inch. Friends dad is an electrical engineer and decides to fix the power jack. Power jack gets fixed but keyboard ribbon cable is damaged.

Order a new one from Mouser electronics. Put new ribbon cable in on my birthday. boot up laptop. Works like a charm everything works including touchpad. I turn the laptop off and button it back up putting screws in the right places and everything. Turn it on and all I get is a power light and a hard drive spin up and flash but nothing else.

No screen no backlight nothing works besides turning it on and off and fans.

I did the bios trick by putting the new bios file onto the drive from my desktop and put it back in the laptop. Hit control + enter on bootup and nothing.

What is wrong with this thing? How could us doing weeks of ****ing with it + me putting it back together make it finally do this???

If its not one thing its another. All I want is a working laptop again 😞

Level 9
Never heard of the bios trick, but if you flashed the bios and then it won't turn on it's probably the bios that's the issue. Older rog laptops have issues flashing the bios from an NTFS partition. I don't know if this is what you did, but if you did it's not booting because of the corrupted bios.

If you didn't flash the bios then obviously it's not the problem.

If I were you I would disassemble the laptop, take out the board and see if you damaged anything. Also try to bench test it on a glass or wood table, just make sure the keyboard/palmrest doesn't touch the board when you're testing it.

Let us know what you find.