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G46 - LCD randomly not turning on

Level 7
The LCD of my G46 decided this week to start having issues.

It will randomly not turn on when resuming the laptop from sleep or when turning on the computer.
When the issue arise, I do not see the boot logo. The computer boot normaly and end up in windows. If I hook up a screen to the VGA port I get an image 100% of the time, but when going to the resolution menu, the main LCD panel is not present. Messing with the fn+f7 key and win+P shortcut does not bring back the display either. A few hard reset (holding the power button for 10sec) usually bring back the Display.

To eliminate driver problems I just did a fresh windows 7 install on a spare HDD, and I did try my old 1366x720p pannel to make sure it was not related to the display ( I upgraded mine back in the days for a 1600x900). The same behavior was present with the old LCD. I used Furmark to stress test the GPU to make sure both (hd 4k & GTX660m) work well.

I was wondering if the lid detector could cause such problem, but I have don't know where it is.

I'm out of ideas now 😕

Full specs :
Win 7 sp1
8GB ram
WD blue 500gb
AUO B140RTN03.0 1600x900 LCD
intel centrino 6XXX wifi card.