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G46 cooling fan at Max and 100 CPU Usage??

Level 7
Hey guys, I don't know the rules on this forum so excuse me if I'm posting this in the wrong place. Also sorry if my english is bad or something like that.

Ok, first my specs. I have a G46VW (the one from BestBuy) Intel i5, Nvidia GTX 660M 2 GB, 8GB RAM, running Windows 8.1 (I upgraded from W8 like a month ago). I bought it on July 2013

The thing is I have been playing a few games since I bought this machine (Battlefield 3, Crysis 3, Planetside 2, and this last month or so Battlefield 4). I never had any issue, I was playing those game smoothly, the fans were working as they should and everything was fine. Until the last week, windows notified me that I had a pending update, it applied the update one morning I shut down the PC. Then it all started to behave weird. Everygame I play I have a 100% CPU usage, so I'm in the game starting a match and slowly the fan starts to run faster and faster because the CPU its getting hot (I guess because of the 100% CPU usage) and I never heard the cooling fans going to Max speed. This only happen on the CPU side, while the GPU cooling fan speed is runnning just like when the PC was new.

I've tried everything to try to have working my PC like it was doing a few days ago, I'm surprised that in the morning (before the update applied) I was playing BF4 without the loud noise of the cooling fan and suddenly in the afternoon I played again and I started to hear the loud noise of the fan (Max speed).
- I have uninstalled/reinstalled the Nvidia drivers
- I restored the windows update a day before this issues
- Scanned for a virus
And I'm thinking on doing a factory reset and see if I can fix this.

I'm asking for advice on how to fix this issue if somebody had this problem before. I would like to know some suggestions before I do the factory reset.
Thank you if you took your time to read this post! Any help/suggestion its appreciated.

Level 9
what is your update when windows remind you and are you also update BIOS?

While looking through the update history I noticed that the latest Windows Update Failed (KB2913320 - Update for Windows 8.1 for x64-based Systems) so I'm going to try to apply this update. About the BIOS, I dont know how to view this info on my pc, but let me google it and see if I can tell you the BIOS my pc is currently running