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G46 backlit keyboard turned off

Level 7
Hey. I just noticed the backlighting of my keyboard is off. I tried FN+F3 and F4 but it doesn't change anything. Did I turn something off or is something wrong?

US Customer Loyalty Agent
If the hardware is okay, the keyboard lights should flash momentarily before you get into Windows, so you may want to make sure you see this at least.

If it appears to just be a software issue, make sure to press Fn+F4 a few times to brighten the keyboard light (Fn+F3 should dim the keyboard light, so you don't want to press it in this case).
Also check the version of the ATK package under Programs and Features and either download a newer version from the ASUS G46VW download site if available (the ATK driver is listed under the 'utilities' section), or try to reinstall it.

Good luck!

Level 7
This might help you guys it fixed my keyboard led problem very easy here's the Window's 8.1 link -

here's the Window's 7 and XP link -

they both have 32 and 64 bit options hope this helps some people find the answer faster