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G-SYNC Upgrade on ROG G751JY/JT Laptops Now Available!

Level 12
UPDATE 8 (June 6, 2016)
I received internal update that the i7-4720HQ motherboards for G751JY models have arrived to our warehouse hub in China and each country should now be able to place order for the parts. The i7-4720HQ motherboards for G751JT models will be arriving soon.

UPDATE 7 (May 13, 2016)
I have confirmed that the i7-4720HQ motherboards for G751JT models will be available by July 1, 2016 and the motherboards for G751JY models will be available by July 8, 2016. Please contact local customer service to be put on the waiting list and our service team will contact you once the parts are in stock. Please note that all dates listed are approximate dates so they could be available a little earlier or a little later.

UPDATE 6 (Apr 13, 2016)
After further discussion, it's confirmed that there's a shortage of i7-4710HQ and i7-4720HQ CPUs. The i7-4750HQ CPUs are in stock and all current G751 G-SYNC models selling on the market do indeed come with i7-4750HQ. The actual performance between i7-4710HQ, i7-4720HQ and i7-4750HQ is very minimal, this is based on actual real application benchmark test results. The user shouldn't notice any major difference during gameplay between the 3 CPUs.

We're going offer the i7-4750HQ for those who want to have the G-SYNC upgrade done now, but for those who prefer to wait for the i7-4710HQ/i7-4720HQ motherboards to come back in stock, we'll have our service team contact you again when they're back in stock. Please note at this moment in time there's no ETA on when the i7-4710HQ/4720HQ models will be back in stock. For other users who have the versions with i7-4860HQ or i7-4870HQ, these two model motherboards are also currently out of stock and we'll also have our service team contact you once they're back in stock.

A memo will sent to all regions to notify them of this update and to have them make sure that all customers are clearly notified that in order to continue with the upgrade now, they'll need to give consent that they accept the i7-4750HQ CPU version as replacement.

UPDATE 5 (Apr 12, 2016)
I received an internal update that isn't 100% confirmed but due to the scarcity of i7-4710HQ and i7-4720HQ CPUs, in order for us to reduce the lead time for the motherboards, we'll be replacing the motherboards with i7-4750HQ instead. I'm informed that the process is already underway and with this change we expect to cut down the lead time significantly.

UPDATE 4 (Mar 11, 2016)
I've been updated that we'll be extending the deadline of this program to July 31st, 2016.

UPDATE 3 (Mar 9, 2016)
I have confirmed that the reason why users have received back a laptop without the motherboard changed is because the motherboard parts were out of stock. Since the service center in Czech Republic have the technical capability to perform the rework on the motherboard, they decided to go ahead and perform the rework on the same motherboard to reduce the lead time for the upgrade process. Not all countries have the technical capability to do this, so for countries where the service centers don’t have the technical capability to perform the rework, they need to order the motherboards that are pre-modified. The entire process is “NOT” just a BIOS update and extra components are needed to be changed on the motherboard. So it will be normal to hear some users confirm that their motherboard was changed on their laptop and some that will confirm that they received back a laptop where the motherboard was not changed.

UPDATE 2 (Feb 2, 2016)
I'm sorry for the late response as I just came back from my vacation (Chinese/Lunar New Year). During this time of course it wouldn't be sane to be working as this is equivalent to Chirstmas for western countries.

I do apologize how this has been a very confusing process for a lot of you. Some countries are already aware of the program and have been trying to contact HQ for more details but of course the CNY break came at a bad time where finally the news started spreading around to all the regions but no one was there to answer all the details.

The program was prepared months in advance, so why the news hasn't properly reached all the regions is really mind boggling for me as well. We're working hard to communicate all the details with all the local countries at this time. We'll probably be extending the program duration due to these delays. Once again I'm sorry for all the confusion and inconvenience caused and we'll be working as quickly as possible to get everything cleared up as soon as possible.

On behalf of ASUS and ROG I would like apologize for all the confusion caused. I can guarantee to all of you that this upgrade program is indeed legitimate. A program of this magnitude which didn't exclude any countries to begin with has its difficulties because to my knowledge we've never done anything like this before. As some of you mentioned I'm simply a messenger and I was told that all regions were notified of this program and to post it up, however after the first day we found out that this wasn't the case. We originally delayed the announcement by another week so we can notify all the service teams for all regions, but in the end we realized this still wasn't sufficient. We are working hard to communicate and make sure all our customer service teams and call centers around the globe are fully aware of this program, and during this time we ask that you please be patient with us and please try again in one week. If after one week and you are still getting a response that this program doesn't exist, please send me a PM and I will personally handle it and have one of our customer service representatives contact you. We apologize for the all inconveniences caused and thank you for your understanding.

For any existing owners of ROG G751JY/JT laptops (without G-SYNC) who are excited about the new G-SYNC feature, and are wondering if your laptop can be upgraded, ASUS ROG is making it possible! We are excited to offer you the G-SYNC upgrade for the low cost of only US$99 (cost does not include shipping and may vary slightly based on your region). The G-SYNC upgrade offer begins on February 1, 2016 and will end on May 1, 2016.

A hardware, firmware and software retrofit are necessary for your laptop to support G-SYNC. If you are interested in the retrofit service, please vote in the poll and contact our customer support with the following information and our local teams will be in touch (in order for your laptop to be sent in):

1. Your name
2. Country of residence
3. Your email address

Customer Support Link:
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Level 7
Im keep reading this thread from the beginning

i live in Ireland i already talk to ASUS UK but i saw results here made me think twice now im confused

Level 7
welcome to the world of confusion:cool:

Level 7
I know that only G751JT/JY models are being upgraded. but is there any chance that the G751JL models might be upgraded as well?

Level 12
I'll pass that information over to our team here in Taiwan and have them follow up and find out what the problem is, thanks for the information.

Level 7
My latest repair was in progress and today is showing as waiting on parts, hopefully this will be the last one.
I did get a call from ASUS UK head office so thanks Bahz. At least I know someone actually looked at the photos and videos I sent.

Level 7
I was expecting an email back confirming price, parts and dates but instead received a text 2 weeks later telling me my mainboard has arrived and it will be $165 AU dollars for labour and $22 for postage. No idea who this was, the numbers the messaged me from where not contactable.

So i called my authorised repairer to check if it was them they recognized the reference number starting in AUAB. They told me it was the primary repairer in kessles road which is literally 30 minutes on the highway and not even a 3 minute detour off the highway.

I'm not sure whether to be shocked or excited. They said bring it in it will take us 2 days to do the upgrade and that's it. Before i take my laptop in i wanted to confirn what parts they should have ready for the uograde considering everyones dramas so far.

I have a g751jy 4860HQ, what will be replaced so i can check before any mistakes are made.

Kind Regards,

Level 7
****. I live in Sweden and I just saw this thread yesterday, and I would love a G-Sync upgrade on my laptop, but I was oblivious of this offer because NO-F***ING-ONE has said anything about this.

Now I asked the tech support if I could do it. But the offer ended May 1 2016. Does this mean I am ****ed on this offer because Asus ****ed up telling me about it? I have sent in my laptop twice, and they know my laptop isnt G-Sync compatible!

Can someone help in this matter, because I would really really REALLY love having G-Sync on this laptop!

Level 10
Hopefully the G751JY upgrade parts with the Intel Core i7-4720HQ CPUs' will be available for North America Region by July 8th.
I'll be waiting until Bahz updates us again with word on parts availability for this G751JY upgrade for the US.

Level 7
Looking good!
No heat problems. They did a good job with this ugrade.

Level 12
Some countries appear to still be following the original memo that was sent out which the deadline listed is May 1st but we did send out another update memo to inform them that the new deadline is July 31st. We're still investigating why some countries ignored the update, our local service team will follow up with each country and we'll get this sorted out soon.