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G G531GV Very bad battery life

Level 8

I got a g531gv intel i7-9750h rtx 2060 16 gb ram which seems to be a great laptop but it's battery barely lasts 1h and 30 minutes while literally doing nothing with it.

What I did to make it better:

-turn off aura keyboard lighting
-night mode is always on
-max brightness is 50%
-battery saver on
-set intel hd as default so rtx is sleeping unless playing a game
-intel hd graphics set to maximum battery life with refresh rate set to 48hz
-set maximum processor state to 20% while on battery

All of these settings proved to be useless because i got a max of 1h and 40 minutes and a completely lost day tweaking.

The thing is that even if these settings would manage to get me a decent battery life, let's say something like 3 hours of browsing the web and youtube videos, how comes that all these reviewers get like 5 hours of battery life while not gaming and a hour and half or something while gaming? And I suppose they don't lose their time with all the tweaking like I did and just use the laptop with straight out of the box settings?

I don't even want to start about undervolting the cpu, which at last made me reinstall windows.

What do you guys think I should do about this?

Level 12
Return the laptop to the reseller for a full refund.

Good Luck
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I can't get a refund and also I really like the laptop.

Can't it be just my unit that has a battery problem? Should I try to send it to my reseller for a replacement? I mean i know it has some demanding components but I saw reviews and other people are getting better battery life.

You most likely have a bad motherboard. Replacing the battery wouldn't fix your problem. Get your reseller and/or ASUS involved with repairing or replacing the laptop.

Good Luck
G752VSK, G75VW-3D, G51J, G1S
Homebuilt Windows Server

Make sure you have the latest BIOS. Sometimes a bad BIOS version might cause things to stay in a high power state.
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Although it's a old topic, I will post this reply for anyone facing the same issue.

I pretty much fixed the problem, and the solution was reinstalling windows.

I had a ****ty windows 10 enterprise edition and now with windows 10 pro all my problems seems to have vanished. The battery now drains 25% an hour and that is enough for me.

At first you might say that you just have to grab a windows copy and you're fine, but believe me, the Windows you use is pretty damn important.

Good luck and thank you guys for your answers!