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G 752VSK Performance issue?

Level 7
First of all my specs.

GTX 1070
2x8GB DDR4

So i think my Notebook is not performing how he should be. Ofcourse he gets nce FPs and stuff but i dont think its 100% performance, for example in CSGO i drop under 200 FPS instead of holding 300+ in Dust2. In League Of Legends my FPS are sometimes under 90... etc etc so i wanna ask. How can i improve my performance? If im not mistaken my notebook shouldnt be bad.

Thanks in advance

Level 7
Have you got the latest video card drivers?
In the the Nvidia Control Panel have you changed the settings for each game from optimal to maximum performance in manage 3d settings tab?
Also on your PC click start and type in power options, change to high performance. Might make a difference.