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G-750JW recall?

Level 7
Whether the model was rushed, corners were cut in the manufacturing process, or the driver support field went awol, there is some answering to do on ASUS' part, if not a complete recall of the line from third party retailer Best Buy.

From asus Chat and Best Buy Support desk, seemingly there is a "general consensus" that there is no prior history of these JW models having SHIPMENTS UPON SHIPMENTS OF FAULTY UNITS!

yet on every third site or froum/thread theres a dude whos got one of these units,

when is asus going to make an official statement about what went on and the corners that got cut for this model?

Its sacrilig for so many brute-like notebooks to be floating around with a fancy ROG logo, that are crippled when challenged with a mainstream game.

The larger part of them were faulty and or lacked support or useful input after launch up until the end of the basic warranty...

after 5 million run-on sentences and half a million pleas for support, when is Big old ASUS going to address that there was a wrong-doing?


Level 7
Asus, youre sleazy as ****. Treating dorves of people like 1300 wasnt enough for your care, attention or aknowledgement. You ****ed up hard with the G750. and BLATANTLY deny that lots of these machines didnt work, and FLED at the word of all the lemons. so Consumed by your 751 line and you couldnt even take care of the ****up line you already subjected thousands of people to.


Also the forums arent enough of a resource, the blind leading the blind, labling topics as solved as fast as someone can fart on the thread.

You guys probably dont even pay the guys who make these things. hence the outsourcing of american labor. its nearly free when your countrymen and laborers dont even eat at night.

and if this is the case how in the flying **** cant you afford to pledge your support to a machine with your name on it?